Westport Solutions provides numerous resellers with our Kanvas digital signage product. Known for its user-friendly web-based management interface and extremely flexible content creation capabilities, Kanvas is the choice for a wide range of businesses in need of engaging their audiences. Westport Solutions provides the media player, player software and a complete content management system as an all in one package.

For clients seeking a seamless audio and digital signage experience, Westport offers the ability to fully integrate the overhead audio and the on-screen signage to provide an uninterrupted soundtrack harmonized with digital signage content. Now you can seamlessly transition from the end of a song to an overhead product message and instantly trigger coordinated images on the screens creating a harmonized and impactful digital experience for the shopper.

Our advanced scheduling features create one of the most flexible and intuitive digital signage solutions in the marketplace. Country clubs, convenience stores, retailers, restaurants, hotels and others have all leveraged Kanvas to visually engage their customers and increase brand awareness.